The objective of the qualification is to benefit Learners through developing their fire safety awareness. It helps Learners build an understanding of fire safety management at work and supports specific roles and responsibilities related to fire safety in the workplace.

Intended audience

This qualification is for anyone who has a specific responsibility for fire safety in the workplace. Such as Fire warden, Fire marshal, responsible person and so on.

The course is suitable to:

​• Qualify fire wardens/fire marshals

• Provide a foundation of fire safety knowledge on which employers and ‘responsible persons’ can build

• Increase the fire safety knowledge and confidence of all employees

During this 1 day course, you will develop knowledge and skills in fire safety, including: how fires are caused, the risks associated with fire, principles of fire safety management at work, understanding the role of a fire warden and more. 




​Successful learners will receive a personalised QA Level 2 Award in Fire Safety (RQF) e-Certificate immediately after their results have been submitted. Printed certificates are available at an additional cost.

​Requalification requirements

We recommend you refresh your training every 3 years.

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we offer Qualsafe Level 2 award on fire safety

We cover what is expected from you as a fire warden. Weekly and monthly checks of escape routes and emergency equipment. We cover how fire works, spreads and the damage caused when a fire breaks out. There is a short multiple choice question paper to check your knowledge after the course.

We are one of very few training providers that offer practical use of a fire extinguisher using real fire.

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Yes we do. In fact we are one of very few training providers that offer the practical use of a fire extinguisher using real fire.

It is. We are regulated and audited by Ofqual.

Yes, on successful completion you will be sent a pass certificate lasting 3 years.

Yes of course. All we ask for is a small meeting room and a screen we can connect a laptop to.

We always say a maximum of 10 per course. This is to ensure that all candidates are getting the required attention from the traininer

All of our trainers hold a teaching qualification. They are also serving Firefighters and all are qualified in First aid.

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