Our Emergency Lighting engineers are qualified to current British standards so you can feel confident that any installation or maintenance we carry out for you will be current, compliant and professional

We use LED Emergency lighting fixtures, this ensure that in an emergency situation or an evacuation it is safer and more efficient for people to follow emergency lighting. It has also become a legal requirement within commercial properties that all escape routes are illuminated correctly in case of an emergency situation.

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This can be done in house by the responsible person. This involves activating the test switch on each circuit and ensuring all lights linked to each switch illuminate. Switch the switch off and check that you see a green LED on or near each light. This indicates that the battery is charging. If you see no light or a Red light then please get in contact with us on (01223) 666999 or Email Enquiries@cambsfiresafety.co.uk

One of our experienced lighting engineers with visit your premises and do what we call a 3 hour run down test. This involves running each light on its battery. A battery should last 3 hours to pass the test. If a battery fails to last 3 hours of fails to charge after the test is completed, a battery change is required. Our engineers will do this for you.